Root Pouch Fabric Wrap

150 g/m2 natural fibre blend

Breathable, Highly absorbent & Easy to water Root Pouch fabric wrap protects from direct sunlight, from heat and from cold.

Perfect for B&B and wire basket inserts

  • UV Resistant

  • BPA Free

  • Non Toxic

Available in: Squares & Inserts for wire cage

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Made from 100% recycled materials, PET & Natural fibre blend.

UV Resistant – Stronger than Burlap – Absorbs moisture rather than repelling it

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What is Root Pouch fabric wrap ?

Root Pouch specially designed their 150g/m2 fabric material as a root wrap for trees and shrubs. Growers generally expect their trees to be purchased and transplanted quickly, when this is not possible a dug-up tree can live a long & healthy life in Root Pouch fabric wrap.

What’s the difference between Root Pouch fabric wrap & traditional burlap ?

Burlap has been around since the 17th century and is still an adequate & economical way to protect a root ball. Great care needs to be taken to ensure the root ball has enough water & is protected from the elements, even then burlap is only suitable for short periods of time.

Root Pouch fabric wrap acts as a protective membrane around the root ball and is strong enough to last well into the growing season. It is highly breathable, absorbent and unlike burlap allows water to reach the root-zone. It will also protect the root system from exposure to heat, cold and direct sunlight.

Field digging is normally limited to Spring & Autumn, during this time growers face the challenge of anticipating how many units to dig up and many they can sell. As any unsold trees have to survive through summer heat or winter cold this can cause problems.

A benefit of using Root Pouch fabric over traditional burlap is the ease of watering, as overhead systems work really well with this fabric. Water that hits the outside of burlap tends to run-off whereas the natural fibres in Root Pouch fabric absorb the water and allow it to reach the root system.

Growers are now able to harvest trees confidently, knowing they can ball and Root Pouch them. With proper maintenance they can be held in a healthy, saleable condition for seasons rather than just months.


Root Pouch are proud to offer a range of sustainable gardening products, all made from a mix of recycled water bottles and natural recycled materials.

Achieve unrivalled plant health benefits using Root Pouch fabric pots.

  • Naturally root prunes and prevents root from circling / spiralling as they are prone to in regular plastic pots
  • Protects and insulates the root zone from weather conditions – Cold or Hot
  • Allows air & water to pass through easily
  • Decreased risk of transplant shock
  • Produces larger yields & promotes vigorous root growth