Root Pouch Thin Black

90g m/2
12-15 months

Root Pouch Thin Black Line is a 90g/m2 thin fabric for Grow rooms and Young Plants. Root Pouch is the only fabric container company that offers natural fibre blended fabrics

The thin black is great for propagation. The bag forms a square bottom ideal for trays and when turned inside out it forms a round bottom like traditional pots.

Bag forms square bottom – turn inside out for round bottom Perfect for: Seedlings – Clones – Veg – Young plants Ideal for shift ups, plant directly, no plant shock

Made from 100% non toxic recycled materials

  • UV Resistant

  • BPA Free

  • Non Toxic

Available in sizes: 3.8 Litres – #25 with or without handles.

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Made from 100% recycled materials, PET & Natural fibre blend.

Product Pack Q Bale Q Dims in cm Individual Weights Pack Weights Life Span
weight kg / g weight kg / g In Ground

Root Pouch Prop 1ltr

12-15 Months

Root Pouch Prop 2ltr

12-15 Months

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Why is Root Pouch Thin Black the best choice for propagation ?

Root Pouch fabric does not air prune like other fabric pots, rather it prunes by entrapment.

Air pruning fabrics allow the root to squeeze through the fabric. Root Pouch traps the root tips in the fabric creating dense fibrous root systems while containing the roots within the bag.

Young plants can be planted directly into next shift up pot or into soil. Fabric will degrade in 12-18 months

What makes Root Pouch plant pots a more sustainable choice ?

Root Pouch is made from recycled plastic water bottles. These water bottles were destined to end up in landfills. This not only prevents the water bottles from ending up in oceans and the environment but also eliminates the need to make additional pots or bags that are petroleum based using natural resources.

Why are natural fibres beneficial in Grow Rooms ?

For grow rooms, the natural fibre blend offers thermal consistency. The natural fibres also retain an even distribution of water throughout the fabric wall lessoning water usage.

What are Root Pouch natural fibre pots made of ?

Root Pouch degradable plant pots are made of PET derived from recycled plastic water bottles.

This material is melted back to a sterile liquid state then spun into fibers that are mixed with natural fibres which degrade over time. Because the plastic is re-melted it is once again sterile making it a great choice for growing plants for human consumption. Root Pouch does not use new petroleum as do some other fabric companies, so Root Pouch does not contain any toxins. It is BPA free and UV resistant.

Why are there differences in container size versus volume capacity in nursery containers ?

There are several different comparisons of gallons:

Nursery trade gallons versus standard gallons

Liquid gallons versus dry gallons capacity

U.S. gallons versus imperial gallons

When referring to gallons there are different capacity equations In the United States and other countries. A U.S. liquid gallon is defined as 231 cubic inches, which is about 3.785 liters. In the United Kingdom and Canada, a gallon equation is referred to as an imperial gallon. One Imperial gallon is equivalent to approximately 1.2 U.S. liquid gallons.

*Note when liquid gallons are used as reference to gallon size, they are the capacity of liquid that can be stored in that size, not the mass of the liquid itself.

The volume of liquid found in a container of milk for instance is much different than the volume of soil found in a nursery pot.


To confuse matters more the term 5-gallon nursery pot will vary between nursery pot suppliers depending on if they are manufacturing a standard 5 gallon, a squat 5 gallon, a tall 5 gallon or a tapered 5 gallon. Most horticultural pot companies refer to their sizes as #5 rather than a 5 gallon because of this.


Differences in Gallons themselves:

1 liquid U.S. gallon = 3.78541 liters

1 Imperial liquid gallon = 4.54609 liters

1 dry gallon = 4.40 liters


Another variation in what the inside dimensions are of a fabric hand sewn container versus a hard plastic (injection molded pot) is the fabric material is cut. When the fabric is sewn into a pot it will vary up to ½ an inch in the folding of the seams which will cause a variance in the dimensions, therefore creating slight differences in the volume of its contents.


Bottom line if you ever thought that a 1 gallon you get at a nursery with a perennial plant looks a lot smaller than a 1-gallon jug of milk, you were right! One is holding soil; the other is holding liquid and the two have a different conversion of volume.

A 1-gallon nursery pot may only really hold 0.664 gallons of soil.

A standard nursery trade gallon is approximately equal to 0.71 of a U.S. liquid gallon.

The gallon sizes in nursery containers should be considered approximate sizes. The best way to figure out which size container you will need is to check the dimensions.


Root Pouch are proud to offer a range of sustainable gardening products, all made from a mix of recycled water bottles and natural recycled materials.

Achieve unrivalled plant health benefits using Root Pouch fabric pots.

  • Naturally root prunes and prevents root from circling / spiralling as they are prone to in regular plastic pots
  • Protects and insulates the root zone from weather conditions – Cold or Hot
  • Allows air & water to pass through easily
  • Decreased risk of transplant shock
  • Produces larger yields & promotes vigorous root growth