Root Pouch Grey

250 g/m2 natural fibre blend
3-4 seasons

The grey Root Pouch line is the most versatile semi-degradable Root Pouch available. Root Pouch are the only fabric pot manufacturer that offer natural fibre blended fabrics.

When growing in-ground the natural fibres draw moisture from the surrounding soil. When used for pot in pot setups roots are prevented from penetrating through into the outer container, this is because Root Pouch prune by entrapment rather than air-pruning. When used above ground the roots are still air pruned.

  • UV Resistant

  • BPA Free

  • Non Toxic

Available in sizes: 3.8 Litres – #25 with or without handles.

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Made from 100% recycled materials, PET & Natural fibre blend.

Available with or without handles

Product Pack Q Bale Q Dims in cm Individual Weights Pack Weights Life Span
weight kg / g weight kg / g In Ground

Root Pouch Grey 3.8ltr



15w x 19h



3-4 Years

Root Pouch Grey 8ltr



21w x 21h



3-4 Years

Root Pouch Grey 12ltr



25.5w x 21.5h



3-4 Years

Root Pouch Grey 16ltr



28w x 26h



3-4 Years

Root Pouch Grey 22ltr ( with handles )



29w x 36h



3-4 Years

Root Pouch Grey 30ltr ( with handles )



35w x 30h



3-4 Years

Root Pouch Grey 39ltr ( with handles )



40w x 30h



3-4 Years

Root Pouch Grey 56ltr ( with handles )



43h x 38h



3-4 Years

Root Pouch Grey 78ltr ( with handles )



50w x 40h



3-4 Years

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What are Root Pouch natural fibre pots made of ?

Root Pouch degradable fabric pots are made from PET which is derived from recycled plastic water bottles. These bottles are melted back to a sterile, liquid state before being spun into fibres.

The process of melting the plastic returns it to a sterile state, this makes it a great choice when growing plants for human consumption. Root Pouches do not contain any toxins and are BPA free as well as being UV resistant.

What makes Root Pouch the best choice for healthier plants ?

Root Pouch fabric does much more than simply holding soil, it provides a healthier environment for roots to thrive.

The fabric is breathable which allows oxygen to reach the root-zone

It has superior insulation properties to protect roots from temperature fluctuations.

The fabric weave entraps the root tips as they grow preventing them from circling, this encourages the plant to produce a dense, lateral root system.

The fabric also disperses sunlight, preventing potential root tip damage

How are the natural fibres used in Root Pouch beneficial to growers ?

Root Pouch offer 5 different densities & natural fibre blends to suit all crops and types of growing.  Natural fibres are fully bio-degradable, the blend of natural fibres & PET will determine how long the pots lasts before starting to degrade. Once the pot starts to degrade the roots will be able to penetrate through to the surrounding soil.

What makes Root Pouch plant pots a more sustainable choice ?

Root Pouches are made from recycled water bottles, these bottles were destined to end up in landfills. Root Pouch are proud to be able to remove this waste from the environment and give it a second life. This eliminates the need to use new petroleum resources to make additional pots.

Why is Root Pouch the best choice for in-ground growing and pot-in-pot ?

Root Pouch fabric doesn’t air prune like other fabric pots, instead it prunes by entrapment. Air pruning still allows the root tip to squeeze through the fabric whereas Root Pouch pots trap the root tip. This creates healthy, fibrous Root zones while containing the root-zone within the bag.

Another benefit is their ability to absorb / wick moisture from the area surrounding the pot, reducing the reliance on irrigation systems.

Can I plant my plant in the ground with a Root Pouch on it ?

Pictured below is a tree planted 3 years ago which had the bag left on. As you can see the roots are strong, fibrous, dense and very well developed.

(Pictured is the Grey, 250 g/m2 bag) As you can see the roots are fantastic, they are strong, fibrous and very dense.

With the exception of the Boxer line, Root Pouch fabric is a blend of natural fibres and PET plastic. No other company has this capability. These natural fibres are bio-degradable which means that once planted in the ground they will start to break down quite quickly. The bag once planted almost acts as a barrier, protecting the root-zone. The PET in the fabric doesn’t break down, and therefore the Boxer line will not break down at all.

Root Pouch developed their natural fibre bags so that they could be planted in the ground with plants inside and then dug-up at a later date.

Their general recommendation is to remove the bag before planting out, this is because some countries have restrictions on commercial horticulturists such as landscape gardeners from planting any containers in the ground permanently.

Root Pouch’s primary customer base is not the end-user or consumer, but rather commercial growers and landscapers, this is the reason we recommend removing the bags.

It’s clear to see that Root Pouch produce beautiful root structures.

Is there any official certification or accreditation required for Grow Bags, Nursery Pots or any other Horticultural container ?

Not currently. Root Pouch believe it’s important for customers to know their fabric pots are safe, non-toxic and free of contaminants that may affect the quality and safety of their crop. For this reason all Root Pouch fabric pots have been tested thoroughly by BACL ( Testing & Certification laboratory ) in accordance with FDA test standard 21 CFR 177.1630


Root Pouch are proud to offer a range of sustainable gardening products, all made from a mix of recycled water bottles and natural recycled materials.

Achieve unrivalled plant health benefits using Root Pouch fabric pots.

  • Naturally root prunes and prevents root from circling / spiralling as they are prone to in regular plastic pots
  • Protects and insulates the root zone from weather conditions – Cold or Hot
  • Allows air & water to pass through easily
  • Decreased risk of transplant shock
  • Produces larger yields & promotes vigorous root growth